SeabearsJerky200-245_1.jpg?t=1585605488The SUMMER SPECIAL for Salmon Jerky  is out of stock.  Looking forward to offering other future specials.


Kenzen designed a food that the Koi digest and assimilate almost all of the ingredients. (Most popular and best performing Koi food on the market that has the least amount of waste all due to ZERO FILLERS)

Years of research has produced the perfect blend of high quality ingredients that is Kenzen Koi Food.  The balance of energy to fuel metabolism and protein to optimize body growth is formulated to help Koi reach their maximum potential.

In the first month of feeding Kenzen Koi Food exclusively, Koi keepers notice increased muscle mass and skin luster on their Koi. Plus, Kenzen adds an exclusive brand of Bioceuticals to help ensure the immune systems of your Koi are supplied with the materials needed to help improve their ability to fight infectious diseases and parasitic infestations.

as-sim-i-late: to take in and utilize as nourishment: absorb into the system and burn off as energy! (Koi assimilate over 80% of Kenzen Koi Food. What little they pass is mostly fiber.)

Do not feed other food brands to Koi in colder temperatures unless specified to be safe. Kenzen is SAFE!

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